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What are MDF and MFC, and which material is most appropriate for use in a homeroom climate? This post will take a gander at the various properties of each, just as their benefits and inconveniences for use in instruction.

MDF represents Medium Density Fibreboard and is produced using wood strands stuck together under high warmth and pressing factor. MFC is an abbreviation for Melamine Faced Chipboard, and is made of wood chips shaped into particleboard, and afterward attached to melamine gum impregnated paper.

MDF is regularly liked by installers since it is commonly simpler to cut and shape than MFC and consequently simpler to work with. It is additionally solid, strong and if water ingression happens it performs well, despite the fact that it might blow because of the water influencing the proficiency of the paste that hold together the strands. Nonetheless, regardless of the upsides of MDF, Pinnacle likes to utilize MFC.

The old belief is that MFC is a weaker material than MDF and doesn’t hold fixings well.  However, in recent years there has been a change in the way that MFC is manufactured, and this has made a great difference to the properties of the material. It is now manufactured with a dense outer core for impact, and a coarser inner core for fixing strength. It also has a grain-like orientation which gives the product lateral strength. Our standard MFC carcass panels are thicker than most MDF carcasses which means they use larger, stronger fixings and this gives a lot more stability to the product. This is a major benefit for educational furniture because it makes it a lot harder for students to loosen and remove fixings, thereby causing damage to the furniture or themselves.


One of the key reasons why Pinnacle decides not to utilize MDF is that it contains formaldehyde, a natural compound that has been related with a few sorts of malignant growth in people. Formaldehyde is continually delivered into the air and is normally happening. Precautionary measures ought to be taken when MDF is being cut since it radiates a wood dust which can be destructive whenever breathed in. Furniture currently is typically fixed to forestall the formaldehyde getting away into the air however on the off chance that it gets harmed, as regularly occurs in schools, there is as yet the potential for it to be delivered into the air. MDF is prohibited in the USA because of its formaldehyde emanations in spite of the fact that it is as yet permitted in the UK. To be all the more harmless to the ecosystem and to give the best furniture arrangements, we are constantly trying to eliminate MDF items from our reaches and indicate MFC all things being equal.

Pinnacle have a number of MFC products that are supplied to education, with at least one being used in every project. Our main three MFC products are our StorageWall, IT benching and capacity storage. These products benefit from being MFC because they need to be strong and durable, and MFC provides those qualities as a robust material that is perfect for school environments.

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