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Designing The Perfect Reception Area

Important first impression. This is how to design the perfect reception area for your office to meet the expectations of your clients.

Reception Area

What does your waiting area say when the client’s visit for the first time? This is your first chance to make the impression of ‘real life’ on your clients – so it’s important to make an unforgettable ones. Here are some tips on how to design the perfect reception area for your office to meet your client’s expectations.


Take step back and see your waiting area as an outsider. Better yet, ask friends to visit. Ask these questions:

Are chairs comfortably? A little pillow runs away when the client waits.

Are there enough seats? Plan more than what might need to make sure the guests never stood.

Are there chairs available for clients of all sizes? Consider adding a weapon chair to entertain everyone.

Is your chair clean and / or easy cleaned? Nothing is less professional than big stains. Vinyl or Tight-Weave fabrics can save day.

Reception Area

Your reception desk is the focal point of your waiting room. The table must give your staff enough space to complete their work efficiently, while keeping chaos under control and not visible. Things to consider when choosing the reception desk:

Will your reception need to complete a personal phone call? The glass limiting floor to the ceiling makes a confidential return conversation, while half high dividers around the table allows limited privacy, but keeps the room more open and inviting.

Will your receptionist need to use a copier, archiving cabinet or other office supplies regularly? Organizing the equipment needed near the reception room ensures that your staff is never too far to lose someone’s arrival.


Think about how different colors affect you. Bold Reds, oranges and yellow may feel anxious. What will be said for wild purple or pink heat? What about the soft blue? Gray is muted? Remember – this space is not about your personal favorite, but more about reflecting trust and professionalism. Try choosing colors that are softer and more neutral and inject personality through wall art, pillows, or carpets.


If you are lucky enough to have a natural light flowing into your waiting room – use it! Save the nuances or window curtains to a minimum. If you are in a darker room, select the soft lighting from the table lamp or wall fixtures. Fluorescent Overhead tubers feel sterile and unfriendly – Try LED lighting for naturally nuances. Overall, make sure there is a lot of light in your room for it feels warm, clean, and for clients waiting you can easily read and feel relaxed.


Take a walk through your room. What little touch will add comfort to your clients? Consider a coat rack or room to hang a jacket or wet umbrella. Make sure there is enough surface – like the tip table or coffee table – for your client to organize drinks, project folders, or handbags. Maintain a friendly atmosphere with bottled water, candy, tissue, and fresh reading material. Use air fresheners or fresh flowers saving to avoid allergic reactions from guests. Finally, for additional blows, a handful of awards or media clips about your work and hanging in a accessible location.


Sitting in the reception area without doing not only boring, it’s not productive. Consider managing a computer terminal or giving Wi-Fi access to guests to allow clients to quickly check e-mail or read the main headline. The television installed is also a good choice. If your office can expect to have children in your reception area, consider making small activity areas only for them – their parents (and your staff) will be grateful.